Know Your Cladding Material Options and Choose the Best One

Cladding Material

Cladding MaterialThe exterior cladding is an aesthetically pleasing and protective non-load bearing material. It is easy to clean, durable, weatherproof and able to shed water. In some cases, it is also resistant to fire.

It provides thermal and sound insulation as well. All these benefits should entice you to install cladding, but before you make any decisions, determine the material you want.

Factors influencing your choice

The range and variety of materials available for cladding is quite expansive. This is advantageous because there are many factors you need to consider, including maintenance issues and environmental performance.

Set a budget and explore the options within the price range. Get claddings that comply with government guidelines to avoid problems and accidents. Experts blame low quality plastic siding for a fire that killed fifteen people—make sure accidents like this does not happen to your home.

Available cladding materials

There are several external wall cladding materials to choose from. Each one offers a unique set of benefits and one material may be more effective in one aspect. Know the different options and think about which material works best for your property. Here are some of your options:

  • Metal cladding is a decorative structure for building exteriors. It is weather-resistant and durable. Customise the design based on your needs.
  • Stone cladding stands out in terms of resiliency and aesthetic value. Depending on the kind of finish, this type of cladding requires little to no maintenance.
  • Plaster cladding offers a wide range of textures and colours. This offers the most variety.
  • A masonry veneer system involves installing thin stone, concrete or brick blocks on the surface of your timber-framed house.
  • Weatherboards are horizontally fixed planks made from vinyl, metal, plywood or fibre cement. This choice is cost-effective and easy to install. The planks overlap, allowing rainwater to wash down with ease.

With these materials, it may be hard to choose. To help you, find a reputable building supplier and get expert recommendation. Ask about material performance, maintenance concerns and costs.

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