Lead Exposure: A Serious Threat to You and Your Loved Ones

Lead Exposure

Lead Exposure in Salt Lake CityLead is a toxic metal that contributes largely to the growing number of health problems nowadays. Exposure to this material can lead to serious health risks, and has also been associated with intellectual development issues in young children.

The worst part is, lead exposure can happen anywhere, even in your own home. Taking steps to test lead in your Salt Lake City home can help you develop an effective exposure prevention plan benefiting and protecting you and your entire family.

How do people get exposed to lead?

According to the World Health Organization, lead exposure can happen to anyone through environmental and occupation means.

For instance, a person can be exposed to lead by consuming food stored in a lead-using or –contaminated container, by drinking water that passed through lead pipes, and by inhaling fumes produced by burning certain materials.

Many workers are also exposed to this toxic metal, especially if their jobs involve being in an environment where leaded-materials are smelted, stripped, recycled, or used in general.

Using older types of cosmetic products and traditional medicines also increases a person’s risk for being exposed to lead.

What are the health dangers of lead exposure?

While everyone can suffer from the symptoms and health dangers associated with exposure to lead, young children are those who are at the greatest risk. The Environmental Protection Agency states that young children, when exposed to lead, can develop debilitating and permanent problems, particularly those that impact their nervous and brain system development.

Adults can also develop long-term health problems due to lead exposure, including kidney damage and hypertension. Pregnant women who are exposed to lead can suffer from a miscarriage, or worse, stillbirth, malformations, as well as premature birth.

Being proactive is key to preventing the effects of lead exposure. For your home, it is wise to invest in the services offered by lead experts. This way, you can determine the best approach to dealing with this toxic metal and implementing the correct and most effective exposure prevention techniques.