Less Is More: Web Design Tips, According to Experts

woman designing a website

Website design is one aspect of your branding. It provides you an opportunity to make a good impression and convert a potential customer. Some designers make the mistake of making a site that is flashy and cluttered.

Too much information and details may overwhelm visitors. That is why in some cases less is more. Kansas City’s web design experts weigh in on the reasons simplicity is important.

Directs User Experience

White space simplifies the process of scanning a page and also allows you to direct where you want a user to go. Information overload reduces the attention span of a visitor. They might click on something or go to a page that doesn’t really provide them a solution or answer, which may lead to a closing of the tab or a back click.

A simpler design allows you to direct their experience by highlighting calls-to-action or leading them through content. You are making them do an action you want.

Holds Attention

If there are so many things bombarding visitors, they have less time to concentrate on anything. This reduces the possibility of conversion because they are experiencing information overload. White space and a simple website design simplify a user’s experience.

This simplification allows them to focus on your brand and what you can do for them. This provides you with the chance to make a pitch and inform them about your brand. You’ll be able to enforce behaviors you want through visual cues and word triggers.

Leaves Room for Imagination

Negative space leaves a bit of imagination for visitors. Let them fill the gaps to engage their senses and improve their user experience.

These blank spaces let their minds linger on certain aspects of the website such as color, taglines or sections of text. This allows you to strengthen the association with your brand, and boost awareness and equity.

Improves Readability

Clutter on a page reduces the text’s readability; if a person doesn’t understand the article, you won’t be able to convince them you are the solution to their problems. A simpler web design de-clutters a page and makes it easy to read and comprehend.

Highlights Parts of a Website

White space provides you with plenty of opportunities to highlight the best aspects of your website. Negative spaces surrounding a block of text or image enables a visitor to consume and understand it thoroughly.

This deeper understanding leads to the conclusion that your brand can solve their problems. Simple site design makes the calls-to-action immediately noticeable. It will then make it easier for you to convert visitors at a higher rate than before.

Increases Flexibility

website design across different platforms

Simple websites are flexible; this means that regardless of the screen size of a device, a user will have a pleasant experience browsing your pages and consuming your content. Images won’t disappear or end up in a different place, text alignment will remain the same, and other elements of your site will look the same.

Simple websites are the ideal example of less is more. This minimalist approach has several advantages as mentioned above. Make the change and see the results.