Little-known Elderly Care Services You May be Missing in Australia

financial consultations

financial consultationsThe most popular senior citizen benefits you know are aged care right inside the home, specialized assistance for whatever need and other services that provide the aging taxpayers one of the best retirement packages in the world. While other countries only offer discounts for goods, the Australian government tries its best to provide a holistic retirement and elderly care package for their senior citizens.

If you’re wondering what you or your elderly parent can get aside from the usual aged care, here are additional services that you can get from the government:

1. Financial consultation services

Did you know you can get financial advice as early as 55 years old? When you’re just about to be retired, the government wants to help you invest and make your money grow for when you’re finally in retirement. Their services give you advice based on what you have and the income you’re projecting to earn (if any) when you’re retired.

2. Message from the Prime Minister and The Queen

If you’ve specially arranged a greeting with the Prime Minster or the Queen, you get a four-panel gold card on certain years of your life—especially after you’ve turned 90 years old. These can be framed and put on display in your home or granny flat designs Perth companies like to offer.

3. Respite for carers

If you have arrangements for care from your children, family members or non-professional sources, they might need a respite. During medical emergencies, you may have relatives who are simply unable to continue to provide care. The government allows for respite from care for brief periods of time. The National Carers Respite Program allows you to take breaks from care and provide social opportunities for your elderly parent. The care can happen in your home or in community centres and the hospital.

4. Broadband for seniors

Did you know that you can get free Internet and Internet training at various kiosks in the country? This allows you to enjoy basic training on how to use current technology and cost-free surfing at different Internet cafes and facilities.

These little-known services and benefits are actually quite interesting. You can get free Internet and a message from the Queen just for celebrating an anniversary or birthday.

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