Living in Canary Wharf with the Whole Family

The financial district Canary Wharf in London during sunset

The financial district Canary Wharf in London during sunsetCanary Wharf, London is a chic place to live and work in. It feels more like Manhattan with its skyscrapers and glass-walled offices than London. All day, it is filled with the hustle and bustle of business being conducted over coffee and other drinks. It could be hard to picture toddlers running around when you see everyone in business attire at lunchtime. But Canary Wharf is actually a great location to start a family in London.

The big draw

What used to be mainly office blocks is quickly becoming a very livable part of town with large residential apartment complexes built to accommodate different lifestyles. Most real estate agents in Canary Wharf list options ranging from studios for singles to two- to four-bedroom apartment units for families. Families looking to make Canary Wharf their short-term home can rent these flats, while there are also apartments and period houses for sale for those looking to invest. The big draw of living in a place like Canary Wharf is the cosmopolitan culture. People from all over the world come to work here, booming social life. It may be quieter on weekends, but overall this might be a benefit for families looking for a respite from the chaos of central London. As the area is currently experiencing growth, with large condominiums being put up frequently, buying a house here is also a smart investment move.

No shortage of activities

Kids having fun on a carnival CarouselFamilies living in Canary Wharf will have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to entertainment. There are museums that hold programmes for all ages. They can be fun to attend for the whole family. Canary Wharf also has parks with playgrounds for kids to play, while parents can enjoy drinks at nearby cafés. The best outdoor space is probably the free rooftop garden replete with trees from different regions of the world, which can make for an educational and fun outing. There are also mall complexes that have movie theatres and arcades for older children.

A growth in good schools

Canary Wharf may not have the most famous and coveted schools in London, but this is recently starting to change. The best private schools are located in the southern part, so families with school-age children might be more inclined to look for housing there. There has been an overall increase in both public and private schools in the area since its boom. There are also many top schools just outside of Isle of Dogs that are an easy commute away from Canary Wharf. The other big benefit of raising your children here is the wide availability of private tutoring schools, which can be a big boost for your children’s academics.

Canary Wharf fits the bill for new families perfectly, as it mixes grown-up entertainment options with kid-friendly fun. The biggest benefit of living here for families would be the unique, global culture that the children will be exposed to from early on and the exchange of ideas this will lead to.