Love Machine: Exceptional and Unusual Picks for Your Bridal Car

newly wed standing near bridal car

newly wed standing near bridal carOnce the celebration takes its course, it’s time for the bride and the groom to ride the vehicle that will take them to the reception venue. While many people don’t pay much attention to the bridal car, it certainly is one of the key items of a wedding. Since this is a special day for a special person, why not go all the way and up the ante of your transportation game? Here are some unusual ideas for your wedding car.


Wedding transportation usually has the couple separated from the other participants. But it doesn’t have to be that way, does it? You can buy yourself a Freightliner Sprinter van in Idaho and take the wedding party to the venue. It can make the occasion a closer experience for everyone, and you’ll even be able to use the van for your future family.


vintage bridal carWhen one talks of bridal cars, the benchmark is usually a limousine. While that seems elegant and looks rich, it’s not the only vehicle that you can possibly use. Try to take a unique approach by selecting different kinds of cars instead. Look for the more obscure choices or go for the classics. They’ll still look good on the outside and sound great when you rev it up. Don’t worry about it being the “proper” car. Everything will go smoothly once the vehicle is decorated.

Closer Encounter

Throughout time, cars have become a tradition for most weddings. But don’t let what most other people choose to become the limitation of your vision. After all, it’s not only cars that get people moving. You can make it more romantic by renting a motorcycle to cruise your beloved through. Riding one to go to church, the reception venue, and even your honeymoon destination is an exciting experience. It may add a bit more fire to the already-flourishing love between you and your better half. For a guy, that feeling of riding down the road while your woman’s arms are wrapped around you is a scene for the movies—except here, you get to live it.

A Different Route

Humans have an inventive mind when it comes to transportation. Now that you’re looking for a unique take on your wedding vehicle, you can capitalize on this concept. A nice car or van is romantic and plain, and a motorcycle can be adventurous and bold. What about those methods of transportation that don’t require wheels or travel on the ground? You can hire a hot air balloon for the extra show as well as a fantastic view. If you’re in high spirits and budget, why not go for a small plane? You may spend a bit more than the usual, but you’ll have an experience that can never be matched.

These ideas are all great, but take note that they also need to be planned out, with the proper budget allocated for them. Whatever vehicle you choose, this ride is only the beginning of a great journey for you and your better half in this adventure that we call the married life.