Make Some Cash: Organise a Garage Sale or Sell Online

Junk Shop in AucklandThere are many ways to make extra cash. The first thing you should do is to look at your home and check the things you have not used for a year. If you haven’t used or needed them for that long, you’re not likely to need them ever.

With that in mind, start de-cluttering your home from room to room. Fill boxes with things you don’t need or have forgotten about, but which may still be of use to other people. Start organising your garage or eBay sale with the following suggestions:


Don’t spend too much time thinking about the price for each item. Put the items in boxes and label the each box with a price. Don’t be greedy, though. The point is to sell items quick and get rid of clutter, while making a little cash. It’s not about making a fortune — unless your items are rare collectibles. Price them as if you’re ready to give them away.


Of course, you need to do a little marketing. Something as simple as announcing the sale will do. Print some small posters or flyers and hand them out to your neighbours. Tack a few announcements on community bulletin boards, or wherever you’re allowed to do so without a permit. Announce the sale through your blog or Facebook and tag your friends.

Separate the metal

Find a junk shop in Auckland. Scrap metal can fetch you some serious cash, but you might hesitate to sell it on eBay or at your garage sale. Instead of tossing the metal you find in your garage to the bin, turn it into money. That old motorcycle you have in the shed that hasn’t run for years; it might just be better to have the metal recycled.

These are simple ways to make some extra cash. In the process, you are also getting rid of clutter, freeing up space in your property. When you think about it, you gain something and really lose nothing.