Make your Roof Last Longer: 5 Roof Maintenance Tips

Metal Roofing in Salt Lake CityA metal roof is one of the most functional and efficient parts of your homes. It protects you from all seasons through the years while requiring very minimal maintenance. Parts of a well-maintained roof is designed to last up to 20 years or more. But it takes proper maintenance in order to reach this two-decade mark.

Check sealants and screws

Sealants can break and separate because of the changes in weather. Screws can also loosen up due to various outdoor sources. It is important to check on these points to prevent holes and leaks.

Clean the gutter

The gutter is one of the most important parts of your roof that you need regularly clean to prevent clogging. Solid particles (i.e. leaves and branches) and even dead animal carcasses can get stuck in roof gutters causing damage not only to your roof but to other parts of your house as well.

Clean the roof itself

No matter where you are in Salt Lake City, debris and other solid particles are bound to make their way to your metal roofing. Slowly remove such particles by sweeping them off, brushing, or by using a pressure washer.

Separate different kinds of metal

When bad weather strikes, it is natural for screws to loosen causing different kinds of metals to be in contact with each other. As much as possible, avoid such contact between two different metals. Certain types of metals may cause corrosion as it does not interact well with each other.

Avoid walking on roofs

Putting your full weight on your roof can cause it to crack or be dented. Carefully walk through the edges or hire professional cleaners to help you clean and maintain your roof without damaging it.

Maintaining your roof on a regular basis would not only help you be protected but can also save you from a lot of repairs and problems. So keep it clean, and see your roof live through its 20 years life span.