Making Sure the Doctor’s Visit with Your Child Goes Well

child in a doctor's appointment

Taking your toddler to the doctor for the first few times is always a stressful experience. If they are sick, you are already emotionally upset, and children have the ability to sense that. Even if you’re taking them for a simple checkup. They may be getting tired of the long wait times and unfamiliar sights and sounds, making the whole ordeal all the more difficult for you. There are some ways to help your cha ild feel comfortable in this setting. Here, we talk about some of those:

Always check in online if possible

The best way to get children to stay calm is to minimize wait times. This will also help you keep your patience. You can do this by asking for early appointments if possible. If your doctor has an online portal, try to book early appointments so that you don’t have to wait for a long time. Lots of pediatric doctors in Lehi offer high-tech waiting room services, such as the ability to check in using your phone or a device provided there.

When you first get to the doctor’s, fill in all the relevant forms and paperwork as soon as possible. Make sure to bring all the documents with you, and make a concise summary of the key issues in your head. Once you are in the doctor’s chamber, you can get the point quickly and without unnecessary distractions.

Bring your child’s favorite toy

A lot of children fear the doctor’s room. You can keep them distracted by bringing something with you that will comfort them and also entertain them. You can bring your child’s favorite toy if it’s possible to carry it. It’s best to keep the toy small to prevent distracting other children and taking up too much space. It’s also best to make sure that it’s not loud as there will be other sick children there.

It’s a good idea to bring a book to read to your child, play some soothing music over headphones, or let them watch videos on your phone. Some doctor’s offices have play areas for kids. This is a good idea if your child is not contagious. If they are a little older, they can also play video games to stay distracted.

Get your child interested in the process

child on a check up

A good way to assuage your child’s fear is to get them interested in the treatment process. This will also help them foster a healthy curiosity in their body and science. Explain what each thing is for and what’s going to be done to them without sounding scary. You can show and explain medical charts that are hanging in the doctor’s room or waiting room. Also, encourage them to ask the doctor questions. This is a practice that will help them stay safe in the future. It will also teach them to take control of their body.

The main idea is to make the visit as enjoyable as possible for your child. You can take them out afterwards or bend the rules a little by buying them ice cream so that they associate pleasant memories with the whole process. This way, it will be a bonding exercise for the both of you.