The Many Ways Alcohol Affects its Consumers

Alcohol is a widely consumed organic compound in Australia. It’s a depressant that can alter a person’s mood, manner of thinking, and behaviour.

Aware of the possible consequences of irresponsible alcohol consumption, the Australian Hotels Association (WA) supports Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) requirements. It is the industry leader in delivering online RSA courses and RSA training in Perth WA. It is also an accredited training provider for RSA and has been responsible for more than 100,000 people in all forms of RSA since 1997.

Effects of Alcoholic Consumption

The Pros and Cons of Alcohol Consumption

The introductory part of the RSA course reminds people that excessive consumption of alcohol has a number of adverse effects. Not only does it affect their physical health, but it also influences the entire local community.

When used responsibly, however, alcohol also has a number of positive impacts. It contributes to a multi-billion dollar industry, provides jobs and valuable exports, supports tourism and related industries, and serves as a form of entertainment and recreation.

Understanding the contents of an RSA course

The AHA(WA) RSA course is nationally accredited and covers all areas of RSA including: developing an understanding of duty of care and harm minimisation, the importance of house policies, how to identify someone who may be ‘drunk’ and  people to whom it is an offence to serve and may be refused service. You will also learn about the physical and social effects of alcohol, strategies to use when refusing service, conflict resolution and harm minimisation tactics.

Upon completion of your RSA course, students will receive a nationally accredited alcohol service certification.