Matching Your Jewelry with Your Hair Color

matching jewelry based on hair color

Jewelry pieces were once reserved only for high-end occasions, but now, it has become part of our everyday wear. There are more diverse types of gemstones and metals used for each piece of jewelry — bet it bracelets, earrings, etc., so they are not as costly as before.

Making jewelry work for you, however, takes more than buying the right piece. You need to ensure that it matches your outfit, skin tone, makeup, hair color, and style.

For instance, people assume that women’s gold anklets, earrings, and necklaces look good on anyone, but this is not always so. One of the often overlooked elements, when furnishing your jewelry box or buying a gift, is the wearer’s hair color and skin tone. The hair color, particularly, is an essential part of a person’s overall appearance, and it should complement the jewelry.

Here are some guidelines on how to match your hair color and jewelry:


The possibilities are almost endless for those with blonde hair. Most pieces will complement this fair hair color since it is not very imposing.

Warm gemstone colors are ideal for those with natural blonde hair. These include green emeralds, rose amethysts, and dark red rubies. Those looking for a bold look can pick orange gemstones that create a healthy and noticeable glow once contrasted with fair hair and skin.


Redheads look best with neutral jewelry pieces. Opt for earth-toned pieces to generate a striking contrast with the intense heat from your hair. This way, both the jewelry and your hair will shine. The best choices are deep blue, yellow, and dark green gemstones. Steer clear of pieces with a gray undertone since these will not pop and might dampen your overall look.


Light brunettes have a natural and warm tint that perfectly match ‘’warm’’ jewelry. You cannot go wrong with gold pieces for light brunettes. Complete that with emeralds, rhodolites, garnets, rubies, and topazes to make the gold stand out. The dark chocolate hair color of dark brunettes, on the other hand, forms an ideal base for experimentation with different pieces.

Your best choices are silver pieces with stunning sapphires, topazes, aquamarines, diamonds, and amethysts. If you have colored skin, you can opt for gold jewelry with encrusted deep-red rubies, green nephrite or emeralds.


having ginger hair

Bright foxy red hair is in itself attractive. You can make it look ‘’cool’’ by buying pieces with gray undertones, like those found in silver or white gold jewelry. These pieces will add some charm to your outfit, thus emphasizing your naturally bright appearance. Those with warm ginger hair can opt for gold pieces if they also have green or brown eyes. These can be completed with emeralds, rubies, and green amazonite to complement the warm ginger hair.

Almost all women adore jewelry, but this is not a one-type-fits-all affair. What looks good on a model might not work for you even if you have similar features. You should aim to personalize your pieces as much as possible rather than pick the cheapest or best-looking piece. With the above guidelines, matching your jewelry to your hair color is now thankfully easy.