Minimalism: The Interior Design Trend of the Century


BalustradingThe creative community pinpoints minimalism as the major aesthetic drive of the 20th century. Minimalism is based on extreme simplicity and the most economical use of resources. It is a movement that was in deliberate contrast with the extravagance of the Pop Art period of the early 1900s.

It exudes sophistication and luxury by focusing on the essential. Today, it is especially popular with architecture. The current trend in interior design is doing away with all sorts of embellishment and sticking with a solid palette, mixing interesting textures and relying on natural scenery and lighting.

Invisible Walls

Homeowners who wish to have abundant natural daylight go for glass walls. This is a major element of modern house design as it is seen as a deliberate blurring of the boundaries between the interior and exterior worlds.

Modernist houses are popular in Australia. Some also converts mid-century properties into modern-looking stunners by knocking down brick walls to erect cool clear walls and steel or glass balustrades. Balustrading in the metropolitan area of WA is quite popular and relatively inexpensive. A beautiful home is one that owners will surely look forward going home to.

Bare Essentials

The philosophy of minimalism is to create within the dictates of form and function. Trends this year predict homes will say goodbye to shelves and dressers, and instead build cabinets wherever possible to open up the space more and avoid crowding furniture.

Huge house fixtures in solid neutral colours make a living space instantly sophisticated. Do away with exuberant lighting and go for simple pieces. Casually display art by standing them on the floor against the walls. Natural materials like hanging planters and antlers are must-haves for the small bit of focal point every house needs.

Neutral Palette

Contrary to the bold colours and mix of patterns during the Pop era, minimalism requires subdued colours that exude calm. Black and white are the tenets of this trend, but shades of grey and brown are also popular. Avoid running the risk of the space looking too glum with a few modest bursts of pastels.

Contemporary minimalistic designs inspire homeowners to exude luxury without a waste of fancy furniture and fixtures. By stripping away the unnecessary and giving space to the natural, a home feels less of a showroom and more of a space where people can move around and enjoy the beauty of each other’s company.


  1. I’m just curious how minimalistic house designs can help homeowners spend less.Because erecting glass walls and modern elements like that would definitely break the bank.

    • It didn’t say it will make them spend less, it only describes minimalism’s philosophy which is doing away with the unnecessary, like big and unnecessary house furniture. By only using the essentials, there is more space for the family to enjoy their home.

      • Glass walls are really expensive, I agree. But like all things, this trend is not for everybody. It’s appealing to a specific group, and to the rest, it’s nothing but a waste. To each his own. If you want an aesthetically pleasing house, go for it. If you’re okay with your beat-up home and are happy with it, then I’m happy for you as well.

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