Music to Your Feet: Why Hardwood Floors Equal Better Acoustics

Hardwood Floors

Solid timber flooring PerthAnyone in the market for new floors knows how wooden flooring has set a trend for being the best option in terms of looks, maintenance and safety. Just when you thought it topped the ultimate homeowner’s checklist, wood may just be the perfect material for that sound room you want to build.

Here are some additional information to help you make the right choice:

The Catalyst of Sound

People use wood as the best material to project sound — from guitars to xylophones and violins to maracas. Every traditional instrument uses wood because its properties deliver crisp, accurate sound, which has gone through rigorous testing through the ages.

Hardwood floors carry that same acoustic property. It is the best in conducting sound across a room — whether you are calling a friend in another room, playing a tune for some guests, or just listening to the rain. The wood enables you to connect with everything in your vicinity.

Noiseless when it Matters

Noisy footsteps from old-timey establishments are no longer a problem. Modern wooden floor installations now go through a more rigorous process. This complements wood’s natural properties, so that sound and heat don’t leave rooms easily. Solid timber flooring Perth companies offer, for example, requires the insight of an expert during installation, guided by the property’s exact specifications to ensure a solid and quality finish.

Homeowners choose hardwood floors over softwood variants (pine and cedar) because they offer perfect levels of strength and sound projection. Professional sound rooms have wooden floors because of the additional range they provide to music when recording.

People are now realizing how valuable of an investment a wooden floor is, especially  with how versatile wood has become. Hardwood floors offer everything other materials cannot. With their timeless beauty, strength and simple maintenance, timber floors stand far above other options.