Must-Have Accessories for a Successful Bow Hunting Trip

Hunters walking with a dog

Hunters walking with a dogYou have different options for the weapons you will use in your next hunting trip. In case you have not tried it yet, using an archery bow is the best choice you can make. Bow hunting will sharpen your physical and mental skills much more than other types of hunting. Though it requires skill, there are different bows and arrows for even novice hunters.

The critical elements in bow hunting are the archery bow and arrows you choose from hunting stores based in Michigan. Other than these two, you will need additional accessories to make your hunting easier and more fulfilling. Here are some of the must-have accessories you should pick for your bow hunting.


These will enable you to observe your hunting grounds. They are less bulky and easier to use compared to spotting scopes and telescopes. The key element you should check for your binoculars is the prism type.

Roof prism binoculars have their glass elements aligned with each other. They have a compact build and are hence easy to handle. The glass elements in Porro prism binoculars are offset and will offer a greater field depth and a wider view than the roof prism binoculars.

Hunting Knife

Hunter sharpening a knifeA high-quality hunting knife is essential for skinning your hunt or cutting tree limbs that stand in your way. The knife you choose can have a folding or fixed blade. Folding blade knives will fold into their handle and eliminate the need for a protective sheath to prevent accidental injuries.

Fixed blade knives, on the other hand, have a bigger size and are the best for slashing and heavy-cutting tasks. However, they will need a protective sheath. The blades can be made from hard or soft steel. Ensure you pick a corrosion-resistant steel variety for your knife’s blade.

Tree Stand

This is an open or enclosed platform you will use to elevate yourself and get a vantage point as you wait for your target. Other than this, it will minimize your exhaustion during the hunt. The tree stand is securely attached to tree branches and comes in varying designs.

The stands, however, all comprise a standing platform with a seat and a ladder to enable your climb. Some hunters opt for a tripod stand, but this has a freestanding configuration, which will not suffice for hunting.

Ground Blind

The distance from your target is one of the critical determinants of successful bow hunting. A ground blind is a hut-like square-shaped tent made of flexible rods and fabric. It keeps you out of your prey’s sight when hunting, enabling you to get very close to the target. Its setup is easy and fast, and the cover is camouflaged, so you can rest assured this will not scare away your targets.

The above accessories will make a significant difference in your hunt when using archery bows. They are not an extravagant expense. Moreover, if you get them from the same outfitter as your bows, arrows and hunting clothing, you can get a good bargain.