The Need-to-Know Homeowner’s Guide: Top 3 Fencing Ideas for Small Backyards

steel fence

steel fenceIs your backyard or kid’s play area small? Have no worry, as it does not mean you can’t put up a fence in your home. By choosing the right fence, you can protect your children from many dangers, enhance privacy in your outdoor space and mask a crowded street view.

Make every inch of your backyard count by knowing the different types of fences, which is ideal for your space and needs.

Steel Fence

Commonly used to add beauty in a home, steel fencing can provide the privacy you desire. It’s also a great choice for setting barriers for your kids or dogs, so they can stay in the safety of your home. This is the reason more and more homeowners today prefer this type of fence. If you want to add some detail, you can paint your fence to match your landscape. Simmonds Steel, a leading stainless steel fabricator, says this type is not prone to rotting or fading, unlike wood fencing.

Picket Fence

Use this fence to give a visible separation along property lines. This type of fencing is less than 1-meter high, making it an ideal option to keep your neighbour’s pets off lawns. Picket fencing has become a popular partitioning fence in recent years because it’s low maintenance. You can design your own style or let a professional help you in installing the desired fence.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing, according to home experts, is an attractive yet maintenance-free type of fencing. Available in different styles and sizes, you can choose from wood panel or rail fencing. Install a vinyl privacy fence if ease of access is important to you, while blocking the street view.

Whether it’s the picket, vinyl or steel fences that caught your attention, these are some of the best fencing ideas to make the most of your outdoor sanctuary. Your kids will surely embrace the nature more and enjoy quality time with you.

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