New smile, New You: Cosmetic Dentistry Explored

Teeth Whitening

Teeth WhiteningOnce upon a time, cosmetic dentistry was almost exclusively used by celebrities, pop and television stars. However, as with many things that start in Hollywood, demand quickly spread to the general public, and more and more dental practices started to offer treatments.

At Garden View Dental Care in Buckinghamshire, the aim is to make cosmetic dentistry as easily accessible as possible to anyone and everyone who wants it. Cosmetic dentistry means different things to different people, but in reality quality treatment is about enhancing your natural assets to create the perfect smile for your face.

It might be the colour of your teeth that is getting you down, or you may be suffering from a gummy smile – when too much gum tissue is on show. Perhaps you’ve had failed orthodontic treatment in the past and want a subtler way to straighten your teeth, or perhaps you’ve chipped, broken, or even lost one or more natural teeth.

Whatever the problem, cosmetic dentistry has the answer. Being embarrassed about your smile for any reason isn’t about vanity; it can damage your body image and your confidence, hindering your interactions with other people.

Everyone deserves a smile to be proud of – even you. And if you worry that your cosmetic dentist will tell you there’s nothing that can be done, your fears are unfounded. Even if you think you have the worst smile in the world (which, by the way, you definitely don’t) it is unlikely to faze your dentist, who will have undoubtedly helped more than one person with similar concerns before.

Whiter teeth can be achieved with a professional course of teeth whitening (always visit a dentist for this) or, in the case of permanent staining, porcelain veneers can be used. These are micro-thin porcelain shells bonded over the surfaces of the front teeth to improve their appearance.

Adult orthodontics may involve the use of tooth-coloured braces or removable clear aligners to subtly realign your teeth, often in a fraction of the time of standard orthodontic treatment.

In the case of missing teeth, a cosmetic bridge or dentures can be used to restore natural appearance and function. Combine these with dental implants for a long-term happy smile.