No, Email Marketing Isn’t as Dead as a Doornail

Email Marketing

Email MarketingIs email marketing really dead? Put simply, no — it never died and it will never die — not for a very long time. If you still don’t believe that email marketing is alive and kicking, take a look at some of the statistics that clearly show how alive it is.

  • Straightforward Enough for Small Businesses – While the technology behind email marketing is pretty much at the end of the provider, the user interface it provides is easily learned and applied. Based on a survey, simple email marketing tactics used by small business owners is approximately valued at $273 hour, which is almost equal the worth of an additional hour spent on other marketing techniques in a 33-hour workweek.
  • Provides Massive ROI – A survey shows that every email marketing dollar spent could offer a return of investment or ROI of around $44, while another survey pegs ROI at a whopping 4,300%.
  • Brings Leads Effortlessly – A well-nurtured and cultivated lead could increase profit by up to 20%, and at 33% reduced cost than other strategies for lead generation, email marketing could generate 50% more profit. Singtel Media said that when utilised correctly, email marketing could be among the most effective and easiest ways to build and foster relationships with clients.
  • Higher Chances for Conversions than Social Media – Studies have also shown that email marketing could offer higher conversion rates of up to 17% than social media such as Twitter and Facebook, provided that marketers ensure that every email they send will count. In addition, people who’ve converted because of email marketing actually spend more when they purchase.
  • The Addition of Buttons for Social Sharing Could Increase Email CTRs – Basically, adding these buttons could increase trust, which as a result could increase click-through-rates or CTRs by as much as 158% when compared to email messages without them.
  • 91% of Potential Consumers Check their Emails at Least Once Daily through their Smartphones – Aside from calling and sending text messages, checking email messages is among the top uses for smartphones these days.

So you see, email marketing isn’t really dead. What’s dead however is spam, boring, and generic emails that no one really wants to read. Essentially, if your business has stopped using or isn’t already using email for marketing, you could be missing out on plenty of valuable opportunities.