Not All Tyres Are Equal: Things to Consider When Buying Tyres

 Buying Tyres in New ZealandThere are literally thousands of tyres available for purchase on the market. When you approach a dealer, the first question that you will need to answer is 'What kind of tyre would you like to install on your car'?

Tyretracks knows that car owners should choose the right type of tyre for their car. It can be expensive to choose a tyre that is inappropriate for the car and the road condition.

As a car owner, here are factors that you should consider when purchasing a tyre:

Tyre Type

The tyre you will buy will depend on two things: the model of your vehicle and the driving conditions. When it comes to driving conditions, do not just prepare for typical conditions such as rocky road or wet road. Evaluate your location and determine what common weather condition affects the road. If you frequently drive in cold or wet roads, then consider buying winter tyres.

Tyre Size

To make an informed purchase, it is important that to know the size of the tyre. Tyre size is more than just the width of the tyre. You need information such as aspect ratio, radial, wheel diameter, load index, and speed rating. You can find this information at the sidewall of your tyre. If you need further details, check the owner’s manual.

Avoid the temptation of buying a tyre that is smaller than your original tyre. Smaller tyres may not be able to support the vehicle and may make driving challenging.

Tyre Quality

A quality tyre will last longer and provide you with a better driving experience. Under normal usage, premium tyres can last up to 20,000 miles while budget tyres can last up to 8,000 miles. All tyres must meet strict safety standards. Keep in this mind when evaluating tyre quality.

When you are ready to purchase a tyre, provide the dealer with the correct and specific tyre information. Ensure that the tyres you buy meet your needs.