Not Your Ordinary Date Night Ideas

Couple Getting Massaged

Couple Getting MassagedAnswer honestly, how many times could you go out for a lunch or dinner date followed by a movie? While this quintessential date combo is always a hit, admit it that if you’ve been with your partner for several years, this might seem boring after some time. That said, below are some five date ideas to get you out of your dating rut:

1. Re-Experience Your “First Date”

Go back to the original restaurant, café, bar, or club you first met or shared each other’s company, walk the same route, and pretend that you’re meeting for the first time. This is a good way to recapture that feel-good, giddy feeling the first time you met. If your old spot has closed down, try recreating your first date as thoroughly as possible instead.

2. Learn How to Cook Together

A simple cooking lesson, regardless of what you’re cooking, has all the elements of fun evening — the chance to learn and do something new together, and hopefully, great food and drinks.

3. Set Up On a Romantic Treasure Hunt

Include keepsakes of your relationship and places that you love or are significant to you two, like where you met or shared that first sweet kiss. Wait for your beloved at the end of a treasure hunt, with you as the treasure. Consider getting a gift, as well.

4. Get a Couples Massage

Do you need to rekindle your connection with your beloved? Consider getting a couples massage in Sandy or anywhere in Utah. Couples are often so busy with their personal lives that they don’t have enough time to distress together. When you go in for a massage session, you’ll be instinctually motivated to remain in the present with your beloved and just relax.

5. Learn How to Dance Together

This is particularly exciting and scary if one or both of you doesn’t like dancing. Doing something adventurous and scary together would help you rekindle intimacy and embrace each other’s quirks. Don’t go to just any dance class, choose a dance that you could both dance together, such as the salsa, rhumba, tango, and even waltz.

Whether you’re just looking to spice up date nights or have an upcoming anniversary, consider these five date night ideas. And remember, it doesn’t matter how old you are, dating in your 20s or 60s should be fun, fun, fun.