Offering Your Spare Room as Tourist Accommodation

Tourist AccommodationA spare room can offer value and financial earnings to you and your household. Make use of your extra space by revitalizing it and then offering it as accommodations for travelers, tourists, and backpackers.

Here are some hacks to help you get started:

Furnishings – As much as possible, you should present your visitors with a room you’d be proud to sleep in yourself. Have an adequate dresser, a simple table, chairs and decor with an all-around Utah charm. You may also want to invest in a quality mattress, says, to help your guests sleep better at night and be more energetic the next day.

Replace light fixtures with LED lights that are easy on the eyes. Install curtains and blinds that can let in light and the cool breeze in. Aesthetic matters but so does comfort. As long as the room is livable, comfortable and can accommodate two to three people along with their luggage then you’re good.

Service – Along with lodging, you can also offer extra household services to your guests. Laundry, food, ferrying, and touring services can add to your guest’s comfort and delight while their additional payments can increase your profits. Just remember to inform them of your hours of availability, especially if you have your own domestic chores, career tasks and personal concerns to manage.

Access – A big concern for many landlords offering lodging is the level of privacy and access the guests might overstep during their stay. Set a clear agreement with your visitors by establishing and notarizing the rules they must follow when in your home. Issues such as raiding the fridge, unofficial use of the pool or other parts of the house and extended use of specific electronics and appliances should be discussed in the document. Remember to be open to negotiations too.

Ultimately, the best benefit you can get from this service is the financial bolster to your income, especially when your service and location is worthy of a repeat visit. But, when you offer your temporary tenants sterling service along with the warm feeling of home, you can also earn their gratitude and friendship. Investing in this venture is definitely worth it considering the advantages you and your household can eventually gain.