Office Breakables: Why They’re Vulnerable

Office Breakables

Office BreakablesIt is of great importance that you provide quality equipment to your employees. But with heavy and daily use, even the sturdiest items are prone to breaking; they are also known as the “Office Breakables.”

Here are the following breakables that you should keep an eye out for and the reasons they are vulnerable.


It is an understatement to say that chairs are heavily used in offices. They are essential—something a workplace can never do without because it’s where you and your employees rest, work, and even play in.

The functions of the common office chair has exceeded boundaries, which may be one of the reasons its classification as a breakable is secured. You use it to move around or even a utility tool to reach high areas. Other than that, they can also double as entertainment props for who knows what.

The only two reasons its breakability is high is because of faulty structure and misuse. In any case, you will need to find providers of quality new and used chairs, recommends going for secondhand furnishing that are in good condition to reduce your expenses.


Like your seat, desks are a necessity. They are vulnerable to breaking, especially when they take on weight exceeding their capacity. Moreover, frequent moving and rearrangement risks higher chances of it being mishandled; therefore leading to its breaking.

The next time you choose the desks your employees will work on, check its material and finish. These are some of the factors most people overlook when buying furniture.


Having enclosed areas make people curious; hence, people looking over cubicle and leaning on them. The activity alone makes it vulnerable to instability and destruction.

Cubicles have the tendency to not be securely kept in place, so its vulnerability stems from that. Moreover, having it tightly bolted to the ground with sturdy materials will surely reduce its risks of being shaken.

Encountering these office mishaps is inevitable. Know how you can improve your decision-making when choosing the office equipment by keeping in mind these breakables and their vulnerability.

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