Office Relocation: How To Make The Transition Quick And Easy

Mover standing in front of a yellow moving truck

Mover standing in front of a yellow moving truckRelocating your business to a new office space is often a cause for celebration. It’s usually a sign of expansion and growth, or a planned move to a new area where business is expected to be stronger.

There are many pitfalls that moving to a new office may present. This article aims to lower the stress levels typically involved in such a move.

Here are some ideas.

Plan Your Move Early

This is common advice for people who are moving to a new house. The earlier you plan, the easier the move can be. The same is true – perhaps even more so – if you’re relocating a business. There is more logistics involved. Set the timeframe for your move and act accordingly. Early planning removes the possibility of many mistakes.

Hire An Expert

If you have a huge business, chances are you have more furniture, books, computers, etc. For such a move, it is often more advisable to use the services of a professional moving company.

For a smaller business, however, you and your staff can save money by doing the move yourself. You may have to use your own vehicles or get a truck hire in Auckland like Metropolitan Rentals, particularly for moving large furniture, servers, and other sizeable equipment and supplies.

Make It Public

Customers should know about your move. At least a month before, announce it via your Facebook page or other social media channels, your website and billboards and posters. Newspapers and TV and radio ads are also recommended.

Send An Advance Team

An advance team can start unpacking and arranging at the new office, even while the other half of your team is busy packing and loading the remaining goods and furniture onto trucks. For this to happen, you need a system. Ask yourselves which items should be transferred to the new office first. By doing this, you will have a shorter downtime due to the relocation. It makes it possible for you to continue working the day after the relocation.

Moving your business to a new location can get you closer to your market. Plan your move wisely and you can avoid most of the pitfalls that have come to define office relocations.