Office Relocation: The Essential To-Do List

office employees movingPlanning to relocate your business or office is more complicated than moving house. Ample preparation and being organized is crucial to make sure that everything in your checklist would be carried out accordingly. To keep you on track during your office relocation, refer to this general checklist.

Establish a Schedule and Timeframe

Determine your final move-out date, which is the date when everything needs to be out of your office and ready for transport. Take note that you would require a couple of days or weeks to get everything in order depending on the complexity of your move. Create a checklist for everything you need to do and set a schedule for each.

Get Your Employees Involved

Rally your employees and organize a relocation committee. They can help you plan and coordinate the move. You may also delegate some tasks over to them, such as auditing and packing their respective teams’ equipment.

Hire Professional Movers

Set your budget and get quotes from various office relocation services in your area. If your budget can also accommodate professional packers, feel free to avail of the service. If not, you could also ask your employees to pack up their stuff themselves to cut some cost.

Establish External and Internal Communications Officers

Your external communications officers will be in charge of keeping vendors and customers updated on your operations during the move so you won’t have to halt your operations completely. Your internal communications officers, meanwhile, will ensure that all employees are in the loop about the relocation plans and schedule.

Plan The Layout of Your New Office

You need to determine where everyone and everything should be in your new office. Make your plan as detailed as possible. It’s also best to ask your relocation committee for their input. Draft several floor plans that you could look over and compare.

Communicate with Your Current Vendors

Review your current vendor list and decide whether you’ll stay with them or switch to other providers. Consider the performance of each vendor and whether it would cost you more to retain their services. If you lease invaluable equipment, inform your vendor, so they would know about your relocation plans.

This checklist can give help you stay organized throughout your move. Regardless of how much work you and your employees have to do, planning helps keep complications and stress to a minimum.