Open Wide: Your Window Options

WindowsWindows are not just mere cutouts in the walls of a home to let light and air in. They are also a means to controlling the amount of ventilation and light a room receives. And, if chosen rightly, they can up the home aesthetics too. The good news is that you have a wide choice of windows available today. Here is a closer look at the different types of windows available in Salt Lake City and other areas.

1. Casement Windows

The most traditional type of window is the one that opens completely. Called casement windows, these hinge on the sides and are easy to operate. You can seal them tightlyfor energy efficiency. The only drawback is that the hardware may rust over time, increasing the safety risk.

2. Sliding Windows

Another old-style window, sliding windows are great where space is a constraint, and if you cannot open a window open to the outside or inside. These will not hinder the movement of draperies as well. You can see some of these windows in Salt Lake City.

3. Double Hung Windows

One common type of window found in most homes is the double hung type that usually opens at the top. The bottom of this window remains closed, which makes it great for children’s room. These types of windows tend to leak more air, though,and one can never open it completely.

4. Other Window Types

Other, less common window types you can choose from are:

• Bay windows that let ample air and light enter in from different angles. They increase the view of the outside as well.
Jalousie windows that consist of glass slats with a louver. These are impossible to seal completely, however, and hence not ideal in rooms with AC and heating requirements.
• Picture windows, great for creating unobstructed views. There is no operation for these kinds of windows, however.
• Hopper windows usually installed in the basement. These work like casements flipped to the side.

Choose a window type suiting your needs and up the aesthetics and functionality of your home, and it will serve something more than glorified holes in walls.

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