Opposites Attract: The Rise of Salty Sweets

Salty Food

Salty FoodGood and evil, order and chaos; and darkness and light—one is not without the other. Pairs come from more than just association. Their polar differences make them work—especially in food. Think salty sweets and even sweet sours.

Salted caramel, chocolate-coated pretzels and kettle popcorn, all of which are sweets with a kick of saltiness. Aside from the fact that they are absolutely delicious, there are substantial reasons the new flavor’s popularity has risen greatly over time.

Layers of Flavor

What do you get when you add a delectable flavor to an already delicious flavor? A burst of more delicious flavor.

It is not surprising to discover that more people have come to appreciate the combination of salty sweets flavor. We all know that eating is not a one sensory system process, it touches on various senses like sight and smell. Layering flavors, gives it a more unique smell and taste—making it irresistible to devour.

The Power of Salt

All chefs and confectionery makers, like FernCreekConfections.com, will tell you this: salt enhances flavor. Aside from the variety in flavor it offers, it makes the other flavors taste even better. Therefore, putting it in sweets will
intensify the sweetness.

In addition to its flavor enhancing powers, salt also suppresses bitter taste in food—that is why adding a pinch of it to your creation will make it bitter free.

Sensory-specific satiety

Eating makes us happy because it triggers happy hormones (also known as endorphins). It is safe to say that flavors create a unique experience in our brains because the combo of salty and sweet flavors trigger a feeling and sensation called “sensory-specific satiety.”

It is characterized by a decrease in satisfaction in a certain flavor and the consequent emergence of an appetite due to exposure to a new taste or food. This stems from the human desire to taste a variety of flavors all at the same time (which explains why we can’t stay away from the table during holidays).

Welcome new flavors and delight in the unique taste explosion in your mouth. Revel in the newest sweets trend and experience for yourself why everybody loves the opposites that is salty and sweet.

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