Oral Care during Pregnancy

Pregnant woman drinking water

Pregnant woman drinking waterPregnancy is an exciting but often daunting experience for many woman. Many pregnant women fail to realise that visiting their dentist regularly during their pregnancy is as important as visiting their midwife. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause oral health problems such as gum disease and inflammation. If left untreated, these conditions may put the mother’s health at risk, at a time when she should be able to focus on enjoying her pregnancy.

Women who are expecting should let their dentist in Stevenage know about their pregnancy as soon as possible. An experienced dentist, such as Smilecraft, will provide help and support, ensuring that the expectant mother’s teeth and gums remain healthy and disease-free. Ideally, a good dental hygiene routine should be established before pregnancy, but if that’s not the case, it’s never too late to start practising good oral habits.

Is it safe to be treated for a dental problem during pregnancy?

Women who experience dental problems and plan to get pregnant, are strongly encouraged to visit the dentist in Stevenage before their pregnancy. They can then get conditions such as gum disease and tooth decay treated before they get pregnant. If complex treatment is required, for example if dental disease had led to tooth loss and dental implants are needed, it is always best to undergo treatment before pregnancy.

In general, dental treatment through pregnancy is safe. However, extensive treatments that require oral surgery and x-rays, such as dental implants, are not recommended during this time. Cosmetic dental treatments are also best left until after the baby is born.

Oral hygiene tips

Good dental hygiene is imperative during pregnancy. To avoid the build-up of plaque and bacteria, pregnant women should clean their teeth and gums twice a day thoroughly, ideally in the morning just after breakfast and before sleeping at night. The dentist in Stevenage can provide advice and guidance on tooth brushing techniques as well as information on diet and nutrition so that pregnant women get all the nutrition they need without putting their dental health at risk.

For any expectant mother who is concerned about their dental health, an appointment with their dentist should put their mind at ease.