Orthodontic Options and How They Work

orthodontic option

orthodontic optionMany people have improper bites or very crooked teeth. It is a cause of concern for most because society dictates that misaligned teeth are not exactly the most visually pleasing. Aside from aesthetic concerns that cause insecurity, misaligned teeth are also very difficult to clean and care for.

Fortunately, there is no longer a need to worry about misalignment because there are a variety of procedures and treatments available today.

Orthodontic Options

When it comes to dental braces, Perth dentists present patients various options. There are traditional orthodontics and other nouveau ways such as Invisalign that correct alignment in more discreet ways.

Whichever way you and your dentist deem most appropriate, the orthodontic process starts off with an x-ray taken to determine how to go about the correction. Impressions of the teeth are also taken.

How do Braces Work?

Orthodontic appliances work by means of applying continuous pressure on teeth. It gently changes shape as the teeth are moved, as enough pressure is applied constantly. Traditional orthodontics requires monthly adjustment of the brackets and wires to ensure that your teeth move in the direction your dentist mapped out during initial consultation. Of course, Invisalign works differently because aligners are replaced every two weeks. The only catch is that Invisalign works only for cases that are not so severe.

Understanding the Different Types

These dental devices usually consist of wires, bands, and other removable or fixed appliances. These appliances actually correct the direction of the teeth.

Traditional Braces –Traditional metal braces are cheap and now come in smaller sizes. The metal brackets work well, especially now that heat arch wires are used. These appliances use the body heat to help the teeth move faster.

Ceramic Braces – These are of the same shape and size as the metal ones, but come in tooth coloured and clear options. This very characteristic means these are not so visible, as they blend with the teeth. They are expensive and have to be maintained well.

Invisalign – These aligners are like mouth guards made of clear plastic. They are custom made and can be removed and replaced. These are almost invisible and the patient can eat or drink whatever they like. This works well for adults and teens provided the teeth irregularities are not too severe.

These are the options to consider when getting braces. Consult with your dentist to determine which is right for you.

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