Passive Barriers: Your Pool Fence Choices

swimming pool

swimming poolDue to Perth’s hot and dry weather, many of the locals have their own pools in their backyards. Apart from choosing a suitable design, these homeowners also need to make sure their pool is safe and secure. One of the most effective ways to avoid pool-related accidents is by building a pool fence.

Different Types of Pool Fence

When looking for the right pool fence for your home, there are three popular options you can choose from:

  • Glass

If you are after aesthetic value, you should go for glass. You have the option of going for either those with frames and posts or the frameless glass pool fencing. Perth glass providers say that its surface prevents children from easily climb over it, making it ideal for homes that have small kids. This, however, might require a bit of a maintenance. As it is bolted down to the floor, replacing it without damaging the deck could be a bit challenging. So, when you go for this option, make sure you choose a reliable provider.

  • Aluminium

Aluminium has always been considered a durable material. Like glass, this is also ideal for pool fences because it can easily be formed into different shapes. In most cases, it requires very little cleaning and does not corrode easily compared to Wood. Depending on the design, however, aluminium fencing is something that small children can easily climb through. This means, if you would be installing this, it has to be a bit higher and should have no steps or slats.

  • Wood

If you want complete privacy for your swimming pool, wood fencing is the right choice. Just like aluminium, they can also be fashioned into different size and shapes easily. You also have a number of options when it comes to the colour, as you can easily have it painted. It can also rival aluminium when it comes to durability. But, a wood pool fence is prone to rotting and would need regular maintenance.

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