Patio Construction: Which Material is Right for You?

Covered patio with fireplaceOne sensible way to increase the space in your home is through introducing a patio. Reason being, a patio provides you with the perfect space for outdoor dining the summer or a warm fireplace for the family during the colder months.

Patios are as diverse as the homes that they are attached to. They range from free-form slate patios to the rectangular brick patio. Similarly, their construction materials are equally expanded giving you as a homeowner the liberty to select the materials and type that makes the most sense for your house. That said, there are various construction materials you may consider for your patio building project.

Natural Stone

If you are for a completely natural look, then natural stone is the way to go. There are various types of natural stones available today, which include limestone, bluestone flagstone and slate. It is considered a high-end patio construction material as it is more expensive and harder to lay down to create a perfect level. They are best used on houses that are made of natural stone.

Concrete Patios

Unlike in the past where concrete patios were regarded as boring and simplistic, you now have pattern stamped concrete which is also dyed with a colouring agent to give it a sleek natural appearance. Additionally, you may also add glass pieces or exposed concrete aggregates to spice up the dull look of concrete. It is best used on homes located in frost-free zones.


This patio construction material is available in multiple colours, patterns and shapes. They have uniform thickness, and so they are easier to lay down, saving you construction time and money. They can be carved into any design that you wish to achieve with your home. Moreover, they are acceptable for use by almost all types of houses.

Constructing a patio is such an exciting endeavour. When selecting the materials, bear in mind other factors such as furniture options, surface finishing, landscaping, lighting, to name a few. Ticking all the boxes allows you to achieve the best patio for your family.