Planning A Wedding Budget: Here’s How To Make It Realistic

Happily Married Couple with friendsIt is everyone’s dream to have a memorable wedding experience. Whether you have saved enough to throw an extravagant wedding or you have just a few thousand pounds to spend, the most important part of planning a wedding is setting a realistic budget. This will help you prevent overspending because even the tiniest purchases can quickly add up to cost a lot for your wedding.

The least you would want to experience is overspending and having nothing left for more important elements of the wedding like the venue, sound system, the cake or the gowns. Fortunately, there are ways to help you set a realistic wedding budget.

Know How Much You Can Afford To Spend

The key to a hassle-free wedding is knowing exactly how much you could afford to spend on the wedding day. To do this, you should take a look at both of your saving accounts and find out how much your parents can contribute to the wedding planning.

However, make sure that you won’t spend all your savings for the wedding because the first few years of married life is hard and full of financial obstacles. You should be financially secured before you live together.

Decide On The Wedding Venue

Some locations are more expensive than others. It is important to choose where to tie the knot and if the budget is enough for it. There are many wedding venues in Tunbridge Wells you can choose from depending on the theme or setting of the wedding. You can make a list of the wedding venues in the area and decide which one will best suit the budget.

Make An Initial Guest List

Nothing has a greater impact on the total wedding budget like guest count. The bigger the number of guests going to the event, the bigger the budget. The catering, cake, and souvenirs will all be charged at a per person rate. Moreover, only a few venues can cater to a large number of guests. Hence, if you want to set a realistic budget, make sure to create a list where both of you can decide who to invite.

Determine Important Elements Of The Wedding

Determining the wedding “must-haves” will help you set a realistic budget. For instance, you and your partner decide that the cake, venue, catering, souvenirs, gowns and photography services are most important, these should receive the bigger chunk of the budget.

Weddings should be memorable, but it doesn’t mean that they should be expensive. There are many ways to make the day worthwhile and meaningful without breaking the bank.