Pleading Guilty to A DUI Charge

DUI charge

DUI chargeA plea of guilty isn’t unheard of in many types of cases, and is surely not unheard of in DUI charges. No matter how absurd this may seem, pleading guilty to a DUI charge is actually quite common for first time offenders and those who want to just get their legal troubles over with.

So, should you just plead guilty to a DUI charge and will such a plea be more beneficial to you?

Weighing the consequences

Of course, a plea of guilty will result in various consequences that you have to prepare yourself for. These consequences may include spending time in prison, paying heavy fines, and the suspension of your driver’s license.

For first time offenders who are sure that the penalties will not be as grave, a guilty plea seems to be the easiest option. If there are complicated circumstances surrounding the case, however, it would be best to challenge the charge with the help of DUI attorneys, notes Noll Law Office in Springfield, Illinois.

When not to enter a plea of guilty

When you know that you have been wrongfully charged, a plea of guilty may only make things worse for you. Do not throw in the towel just yet – don’t discount the assistance that experienced lawyers can give you.

For example, different police officers may offer conflicting statements. This may result in a weakened charge against you. The officers may have also improperly administered the tests you went through. Finally, eyewitness accounts may contradict the particulars of your DUI charge.

It is very important to weigh your options and consult with a lawyer before considering entering a guilty plea. Remember that a DUI charge will reflect on your record and may give you problems later on.


  1. Your life would’ve been much easier if you didn’t drink and drive. That’s the problem with most people nowadays. They’re too hardheaded. Stay away from alcohol if you don’t have someone to drive you home. Driving under the influence of alcohol can lead to a lot of worse things.

  2. The breathalyzer doesn’t work properly all the time. I was accused of DUI and the police asked me to take the test. Being confident that I didn’t drink a single sip of alcohol that day, it took the test. Surprisingly, the results showed I was positive. As much as possible, don’t take it guys.

  3. I was a victim of wrongful accusations also. Thankfully I got acquitted because I have stronger evidences. Just a tip from me and my attorney: if you know you’re not guilty, call a lawyer immediately and wait for them to arrive before you do what the police ask.

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