Pointers for Maintaining a High Search Engine Rank

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All businesses know the essence of being at the top of search engines nowadays. As such, they invest significant monetary amounts into getting to the top of search engines. Unfortunately, once they gain the highest search engine rank, very few bother to maintain their position. They forget that all businesses are garnering for their rank and the competition is too fierce for them to relax. Within a few days, these businesses lose their new-found position to their competitors.

Your contract with the best digital marketing company in Virginia continues long after getting to the top of search engines. At this stage, the marketing and branding efforts focus on defending your number one position and establishing yourself as an authority. Here are some of the strategies that might prove useful for maintaining a number one position on search engines:

Update Your Site Regularly

When at the top of search engines, the amount of traffic to your site should increase in millions. As such, you should periodically update the website to support the traffic you are getting without affecting the functionality and speed of the elements on your website. You should also regularly update your content to boost your visitors’ experience and entice more people to your site. Regular updates on your site include optimizing its layout, churning engaging content, and improving your brand’s overall visual appeal.

Expand Your Outbound Link Building

Most marketers focus on the quantity instead of the quality of their website’s backlinks. If you have already ranked for a specific keyword, avoid building excessive backlinks to it. This is because Google will perceive link building at unreasonable paces and numbers as a red flag, and your rank might drop. To avert this, expand your site’s inbound links to all keywords in your pages. This diversifies the backlink profile and increases your website’s authority on Google.

Generate Internal Links

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Most companies focus on the backlinks rather than inbound links to their pages. While backlinks build your brand’s authority among your online target market, internal links will increase your website’s relevancy on Google. Internal links to your web pages and outbound links to other influential websites in your niche will also maintain the ranking of your keywords. Smart internal links will also keep visitors on your site for an extended time and allow them to access additional content on your website easily.

Build Your Presence on Social Media

Social media engagement is an indirect and direct ranking factor on search engines. You can use your social media platforms to build your brand’s authority and maintain relevancy on Google. The increased visibility that social media engagement gives your content will continue garnering backlinks, which will boost and sustain your search engine rank.

A number one position on search engines is only half of the battle in online marketing. This feat will not be achieved overnight but instead take a few months or even years depending on the SEO professional you choose to work with. The strategies mentioned above are guaranteed to keep you at the top and ward off the tough competition other companies in your niche will wage against your brand when you are at the top.