Positive Thinking All the Time: It Doesn’t Work

Therapist in Denver

Therapist in DenverPositive thinking gives you an affirmation that everything will work out despite your worries and uncertainties. While putting a positive spin on things is mostly a good thing, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore your negative thoughts. Trying to think positive always can make you feel stuck in the same place, causing you to turn a blind eye to your actual feelings and to the real situation.

Identify and Deal with Your Emotions

When you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed, positive thinking may cause you to avoid the issues you need to address. It is helping you ignore your feelings. One important part of improving your emotional health is being able to identify your emotions. Whether it’s shame, anger, fear, guilt, or disappointment, you should acknowledge these feelings and find the support that will help you deal with them.

Accept and Don’t Deny Your Thoughts

It is not advisable to think positive, especially if you deny the things that keep you stuck in the same place. LifeCraft Counseling LLC’s therapist in Denver notes that it is important to be willing let out your negative thoughts, so you can realize that you don’t have to believe in them. The truth is, it is better to accept and embrace your thoughts rather than criticize them. You can also forgive yourself for developing these notions.

Don’t Force Yourself to Make Affirmations

Some people also tend to over-rate their abilities when faced with a setback. When you combine this tendency with over-optimism, it is easy to find yourself pushing for completely unrealistic goals. Challenge your fears and worries, as it will eventually guide you along the way. Trying to suppress your feelings or forcing yourself to make positive affirmations is not the best way to go.

It is okay to have positive thoughts or be encouraged even when someone tells you a clichéd advice like, “every cloud has a silver lining”. You shouldn’t, however, be heavily focused on being overly optimistic that you fail to give attention to the messages that counteract your positivity. You also have to embrace the parts that you want to resist looking at. This can help you think clearer and move to the right path.