The Power of TV Advertising

tv advertising

tv advertisingTelevision advertising is very powerful compared to marketing on radio or print media such as magazines or newspaper. There could be many reasons for this popularity. The simple reason could be that people watch more TV than they listen to the radio or read magazines.

Reasons for TV advertising’s Staying Power

Many analysts believe that the primary reason for this is that most consumers watch TV commercials as though it was real life, hence the message stays with the memory longer.

Whatever the reason, the power of this kind of advertising strengthens by the day. Professionals like Hat Media involved in creating these ads use this convenient channel and strive to transform the way they advertise their clients’ products.

This helped advertisements become more appealing and communicative, which the public find very easy to consume and accept.

Internet Marketing – A Worthy Contender

Advertisements over the internet have universal appeal and access as well. This appears to have wider reach and more accessibility through various devices such as tablets and smartphones. Recent surveys have shown that the TV advertisements, however, are still more popular, even over Internet ads.

Analysts say that a reason could be because people watch TV for entertainment and fun, where commercials shown during this time appeal to TV-watchers whose minds are in tune with relaxation and thus could accept any advertisement readily. This is contrast to Internet ads, which people generally ignore when shown during work hours.

Target: Family

TV ads are powerful in the sense that all members of the family are targets, unlike other forms of marketing channels. This is because most families have a time where they watch TV together. Thus, it is possible that they like some advertised product and make a decision to try it.

This media helps you enter the living rooms of your target audience and influence their buying patterns. It cannot get more specific and targeted than this.

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