Practical Guidelines to Ensure Baby Safety in the Bedroom

Baby sitting at safety gateAccidents could and do occur, especially with toddlers who are learning how to move around. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to monitor babies every second to safeguard them from potential hazards. Plus, experimenting and exploring is great for the development of your little one. Aside from making certain that the individual items in your baby’s room are safe, it’s important that you ensure the overall safety of your child’s bedroom. Start with these safety basics:

  • All doors, cabinets and drawers should be locked. There should be safety latches on storage units that your child can’t access.
  • Ensure that all furniture pieces can’t be tipped and are sturdy. Secure any freestanding furniture to the bedroom wall.
  • Cover all electrical outlets and radiators. Ensure that all heat sources and sockets have durable covers to prevent burns and electric shocks.
  • Place specially designed and durable padding on sharp edges. Refrain from using standard foam and tape to sharp furniture edges because these could be easily ripped off and in turn become a choking hazard.
  • Check if dresser knobs are installed securely and the right size. They shouldn’t be too small to swallow nor too large to offer a foothold for climbing.
  • Store your child’s toys conveniently. Opt for storage items without lids and make sure that your child could easily get to them without hassle. Avoid luring your child to unnecessary danger. Don’t place toys on high shelves or leave cabinets or drawers open.
  • Select safe window treatments. Opt for blinds or shades instead of curtains that your child could hang on to or pull down. Install window guards on the bottom part of all your windows and remove or tie any dangling cord.

Even the most well-planned childproofing isn’t a replacement for adult supervision. While proper childproofing is vital, there’s no substitute for a watchful eye. Remember that all it takes is a split second for an accident to occur, so save yourself the trouble and ensure that your child’s bedroom and the rest of your home is safe.