Preventing Unnecessary Mishaps in Your Auto Repair Shop

auto mechanic repairing vehicle inside workshopWorking in an auto repair shop may not seem like dangerous work, but accidents can and do occur in any line of work. Repair shop employees are subject to many kinds of injuries, including sprains, strains, injury to the eyes, chemical burns, limb loss, and trips or falls.

Fortunately, you can increase the safety of your auto repair shop and prevent unnecessary accidents from occurring.

Proper Equipment

Make sure you have the appropriate equipment within your shop to prevent accidents. For instance, you should have an OSHA approved car lift. Lift failures can lead to a loss of limbs or even death. In fact, one incident tragically took the life of a mechanic.

If you are unsure if you have the correct lift, look into the Challenger auto lift you can buy from firms such as Lift safety is important to ensure the vehicle stays in place when lifted from the ground, especially considering you will have employees working under the car.

Proper Safety Gear

Always provide your employees with the appropriate safety gear. If they are going to work with chemicals that can cause injury, provide gloves for your mechanics to use. Also, you should supply your workers with protective eyewear, so they do not sustain any injuries to their eyes while working.

Clean Space

You should keep the space where the mechanics work as clean as possible. In fact, you should have someone available to clean up the floors after each oil change or transmission repair.

Transmission fluid and oil can create slip and floor hazards that are easy enough to avoid with proper cleaning and maintenance.

Efficient Training

Your employees should receive ongoing training support to ensure they are always familiar with safety rules and practices. The rules and guidelines are always changing. Therefore, your employees should always stay up-to-date about the proper methods used to protect themselves and avoid injury.

Each of the tips listed above will make your auto repair shop much safer. There is no need to stress over unnecessary injuries that you can easily avoid using the right advice.