Professional Kitchens: Where to Save and Where to Splurge


KitchenThere is no hiding from it: if you want a professional kitchen, you have to buy better cookware. From refrigerators and chillers to sinks, knives and tabletops, everything has to accommodate the high pressures of a food business. Most chefs, however, are not Gordon Ramsay who has money left from buying Ferraris to buy top-end kitchenware.

If you are planning to start your own restaurant, you would do well if you can balance your initial expenses. Pay what you have for a prime location, and then use what is remaining on the equipment. You do not need five-star rated tools in every corner of your scullery, thus you can afford to splurge on the ones you actually need. Successfully managing in this aspect could mean a running start to your business.

Taking a Clue from Residential Renovations

There are things you can learn in your home’s kitchen, especially about the costs. The pretty looks and standard equipment for a house kitchen will cost up to $25,000. As your commercial cookery can do with a minimalist appearance, you can buy better, professional-level equipment.

What requires most funds in a household kitchen may well be the costliest in a restaurant’s kitchen, too, as stated by Hoskit. There are cabinetry, appliances and countertops. As for other cookware, buy something better than common cutlery to cover your chef-ing needs.

Putting Money Where the Needs Are

Most importantly, everything should be up to standards. You should not cut corners with this one, as it could prove ruinous in the future. Once you have the safety requirements covered, focus on the equipment specific to your cuisine. Surely, a wok has no use in a French bistro as a pasta maker is irrelevant in an American joint.

We have established a minimalist design, but to deprive your kitchen with beauty is wrong. Think of it as understated, as you choose what countertop materials to use. The knives should be good enough for the daily grind, meaning it must have a sturdy handle made from reinforced steel.

From here, it is a long way to that coveted Michelin rating. It is a good start though, having a kitchen fit for master chefs. The only thing remaining now is steeling your mind for the fire and brimstone of life as a cook.