Proposing Soon? Try Not to Propose During these Times

Man proposing to his woman

Man proposing to his womanBased on figures, about 2.3 million couples marry every year across the U.S. Now, more people are getting engaged yearly.

If you’re planning to pop the question soon, you’re probably busy searching for the perfect engagement ring in Salt Lake City. All the more, you should research on the best times to propose; just try to avoid these worst times to do so.

On someone else’s wedding

Proposing on someone else’s wedding is probably one of the worst ways to do it. Yes, even if the couple are your friends and they’re cool with it and they’ve given you the go signal. If they have no idea you’re going to propose, be prepared to cut ties with them forever. A wedding is about the couple, not you and the one you’re proposing to. Respect the occasion and the people in the venue.

When she’s not looking her best

In this age when social media is everything, you’d want to make sure that she’s looking her best when you pop the question. This is why some men opt to drop hints so that their partners would dress up and be prepared for the magical moment. This is especially true if you plan to stage a public wedding proposal.

Any holiday, especially Christmas

Christmas and Valentine’s Day are probably the two worst holidays anyone can propose. While the good cheer in the air can add to the excitement, if the proposal doesn’t work well, you’d ruin the holiday not just for yourself, but also for your partner and almost everyone who knows about the failed attempt.

When it comes to wedding proposals, timing is everything. Don’t ruin all the hard work you’ve done searching for the perfect ring by choosing the worst time to pop the question. Be patient and determine the best time and place to ask for her hand.