Protection from Intruders: Understanding Access Control Security

Security SystemSecurity systems are essential to every business. This is because data breaches and break-ins at a facility can result in damaged electronic equipment and the loss of sensitive information. Businesses should, therefore, come up with a comprehensive security solution to keep its building safe from any attempts at physical and digital breaches.

Key Card Access Protocols

Key card systems are not only a way for a facility owner to track who enters and leaves the building, it’s also a way to create tiered levels of access. Additionally, key cards are also useful as facility owners can use them to track employees and determine which area of the building they’re in. With the help of encryption, moreover, the building is safe from intruders who want to make duplicate keys for illegal purposes.

Biometric Identification Systems

Biometric technology is also an effective line of security. Due to improved technology, access to a biometric system may include fingerprint or facial scans, making them one of the best security systems available. In fact, depending on the parameters of the biometric system, they could have a false acceptance rate of one in every one million scans. That lowers the odds of any unauthorised personnel from entering the premises significantly.

Building Protection Systems

Not all modern access control systems provide the best protection against intruders. While securing points of entry are of paramount importance, it is possible for businesses to overlook the need for window and building protection in their facility. Manufacturers of building products like Contour say intruders could easily scale buildings for unauthorised access, which highlights the importance of building and property protection systems. From bars to anti-climb security systems, facilities would do well to install some form of physical anti-theft precautions to stay safe from attempted break-ins.

Every facility should have an access control system in place safe from any kind of external threat. By preventing attacks from intruders, a good security system will help ensure company success in the future.