Rain Management: Downspouts and Gutters


GuttersRain is a potent force of nature that is strong enough to erode rocks and mountainsides, and the potential damage it can cause to your house can mean very costly repairs. From leaky roofs and walls to rot, rainwater speeds up the process of your home breaking down.

The first line of protection your house has is your roof, but the roof alone isn’t enough to prevent complete water damage. This is where gutters and downspouts come into play, and the two of them can really mean a difference in terms of how much or how little damage your house gets.

Water Control

Most rain gutter installation services in Woodbury, Minnesota agree that proper drainage solves almost all the problems your house experiences when rain is involved. Rainwater isn’t pure like the water you get from the tap; there may be tiny sediments or debris within each water droplet and if you multiply that by a million, then you can see why it’s strong enough to erode rock, let alone your house’s roof.

Having well-placed gutters and a downspout where the water goes is the best way to prevent your roof from developing holes and leaks. They also move the flow of water away from your house’s foundation and prevent your basement from leaking, or in worse cases, flooding. Additionally, the also prevent water from seeping in through the walls, which is crucial as the house’s exterior walls aren’t as resistant to water damage compared to the roof.

Gutter Maintenance

Gutters and downspouts may be the solution to all your rain problems, but this doesn’t mean you have to skip on maintenance. They are as susceptible to damage from rainwater, and it is important that you check if there are any holes or leaks forming. You need to act quickly even if the hole is very small as this can grow very fast, especially if your area experiences constant or heavy rain.

If your gutters are overflowing, then it’s either they are starting to sag or there may be some form of blockage within the downspouts. You can prevent this by either reinforcing the gutters themselves, or clearing out any debris or leaves that may be causing the blockage.

Installing a rain gutter system and downspout in your house’s roof may all be what you need to manage rain. Still, it is important that you maintain these properly as these can also get worn down over time.

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