Ranking in SEO: It’s All in the Keyword?

SEO Keywords in Denver, COWhen it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), the most important aspect of any content (apart from the quality) is the keyword. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But in terms of SEO, determining the best target keyword phrase is one of the trickiest strategies to perfect.

If you choose the right one, however, your article might score a one-way ticket to the top rank.

Why Target Keywords Matter

Regular target keyword phrases are two- to four-word phrases focused on the article’s message. While a given piece might rank in search engines due to different keywords, the target phrase is the best conveyor of the article’s core topic, which grants it more emphasis compared to the other keywords. If you want your article to rank, local SEO company Denverdata.com recommends prioritizing the target keyword.

Apart from helping your page ranking, target keywords matter due to other reasons:

  • Makes up a significant portion of the headline and meta title – the first part of the article that readers will immediately see. Take advantage of those nanoseconds or else, you will lose them.
  • Good research with keywords will trickle down the rest of the article. What doesn’t end up as your main phrase can become the secondary keyword phrase of your article.

Before you choose a keyword, consider the main topic of your article. Don’t think broadly; be specific.

Brainstorming and Keyword Research

It’s tempting to immediately use keyword research tools, but before you do, look at things from a user’s perspective. What would you search for if you want content on this topic? Write down a few phrases of different lengths, but nothing shorter than two words.

When it comes to keyword research, Google’s Keyword Planner is your best friend. It comes with a number of research tools and a variety of options. Some are free, but others are not. When you use the free Google tools, enter the best phrases from your brainstorm list.

Weave Everything In

If you want your article to rank for a certain phrase, the keyword should be in that article. If it looks natural, use the target keyword again in subheads and decks; otherwise, use them as secondary phrases.

Don’t take your keywords for granted. These short phrases might be the secret to unlocking your SEO success.