Red Flags: When Does Your Roof Call for a Repair?

Roof Repair in New ZealandThe costs of owning a home in New Zealand have risen dramatically with maintenance expenses going up about 35 per cent. Moreover, the roof is one of the critical parts of a home that could cause more than a mere damage, which homeowners usually neglect. Find out the warning signs that your roof needs repair or replacement.

How Old is It?

Even if it looks good from the ground, the average lifespan of a typical roof lasts between 15 to 30 years. It needs a closer inspection to determine if it’s wearing away, professional roofers have the right equipment and expertise to tell if a roof needs repair or replacement.

Is It Raining Inside?

Begin by checking the ceilings, walls and the attic for small water spots and leaks, or if daylight is coming through the roof boards. They could be small, but will eventually lead to a more hazardous damage like moulds or rotting.

Look for water stains immediately after a storm or wind-driven rain. Inadequate roof underlayment and ventilation can let the water seep into the house, causing excessive moisture that promotes mildew and mould growth.

Is that a New Roofing Style?

Roofs start to crack, curl up and sag due to weathering or wind damage. They become brittle and more susceptible to extreme weather conditions. It is advisable to change the roof with these signs within three to five years.

Is It Housing something Else?

If you just had a new roof installed, extra granules normally loosen, but if they happen in the later years it will weaken the roofing system. If the granules wear off, the roof shingles start to bake under the sun and will deteriorate its quality.

The roof’s foundation can weaken if it is inhabited by insects or burrowing animals, such as raccoons or squirrels. Make sure to assess the damage they can cause to the roof and attic or have exterminators attend to the issue, particularly if it involves termites.

Give attention to the roof that is showing telltale signs needing repair or replacement. It will help you avoid higher maintenance costs and unforeseen inconveniences.