Renovation Ideas for the Bathroom and Kitchen


bathroomIt is everyone’s dream to own a house of their own. Once you do have a house, you might want to revamp it from time to time. Bathroom and kitchen renovations in Perth are perhaps two of the most popular remodelling projects that households often undertake.

Why these two rooms are remodelled often?

These two areas are used regularly, frequently exposed to hot and cold water and temperature. Select Solutions noted that this could lead to more wear and tear as compared to other areas of your home. The tiles might get badly stained, the grout in the restroom might be mould ridden due to moisture or your backsplash opposite the stove might need a replacement.

How remodelling will help?

If you have put off some work in both these rooms initially and have the financial resources to handle it now, then you should go ahead with the remodelling. The kitchen area can have a better quality backsplash, the latest titles, new flooring, better countertops and larger sinks. The place can be used to entertain close friends and family comfortably.

In the restrooms, you can get anti skid tiles for the flooring and nice shiny ones for the walls. Take extra care in sealing the grouting between the tiles to keep them stain proof. You can change the colour schemes and create better patterns with textured and embossed tiles. Look for the latest shower enclosures, shower heads and plumbing system.

Increase storage spaces

Through simple redesigning, you can maximise the space and spare up more area for storage. Vertical storage spaces with innovative counters and cabinets can be installed. Easy stacking toiletry cabinets and wicker baskets for laundry can also be considered. Make the bathroom better ventilated and airy. Change the sink and the bathtubs as well, if necessary; coordinate them well with the tiles.

You can consult professionals who can give you good ideas and plans for remodelling both these rooms.

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