The Renowned Tourism and Hospitality of Ballina

beach village

beach villageOne of the most beautiful places to visit in New South Wales, Ballina is fast becoming the premier tourist destination. It is home to many activities, top-tier hotels and accommodations, shopping centres and a vibrant nightlife. Three major river valleys pass through the area, connected to over three hundred cities, villages and small communities. Each of these areas has their own unique character and style.

If you are looking for a holiday destination this year, accommodations will not be a problem. After all, holiday parks like Ballina Beach Village provide visitors with a great place to stay. Families will surely love caravan parks and camping sites in the area, as these venues offer nature at its finest.

One of the best ways to explore the city is by car. Ballina is rich in culture and history, so there is always something to see. For example, the Richmond River Lighthouse is essentially one of the oldest spots in New South Wales. You may want to visit the old Ballina Council Chambers, which is located at the corner of Crane and Cherry streets. Check out the historic Ballina Post Office, which was established way back in the 19th century.

Shaws Bay

An excellent way to spend a quiet morning sipping a hot cup of coffee is to head over to Shaws Bay. This is scenic lake was built when the Ballina Breakwater was established. Check out the many caravan parks in Ballina while you are here. Visit Pop Denison Park and enjoy a relaxing afternoon enjoying some barbecue with your friends on the warm sandy beach.

Big Prawn

You have never been to Ballina unless you have seen the Big Prawn. It is basically one of the favourite tourist attractions in the area. Visitors can go inside the statue and can even climb all the way up to its head and even look through its eyes. It is surely a fun place to bring the kids.

Ballina Accommodation

What is great about Ballina are the many hotels that you can book and spend the night or the weekend depending on how long you are staying. There are many accommodation options for everybody, ranging from budget-conscious backpackers to those looking for opulent and luxurious comfort. It is advisable that you book early so you can benefit from the many promos and discounts, such as extra night stay or free breakfast.

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