Repurposing an Old Shed: Outdoor Bath or Lounging Area

Outdoor Bath There is something about a shed in the backyard that gives it that old-world charm. That is, of course, if it hasn’t lost its purpose and given the years the driver’s seat. Many sheds do not serve any use except as that problem area with a roof for the old bicycle and tools that are never used.

There is a way to renew its importance. It’s called repurposing or, as this is what you’ll be doing anyway, renovation. Here are two ideas on what you can use the shed for.

An Outdoor Bath

Especially if your bathroom is too small that a full-sized tub won’t fit, or if it’s just too old and boring, converting your shed to a new outdoor bath will give you a reason to love that space once again. Install big, awning-type glass windows or none at all if your backyard is completely fenced in without a chance for the neighbors to see you enjoy the splendor of your new bath. Terra-cotta tiles will work for the floor, or maybe even just hardwood. Plant some ivy or some other plant that can cover the walls and roof. Get a portable tub so you can move it around the small space whenever you want, also making the floor a lot easier to clean. A shower in one corner is also a good idea. Install some warm lights to set the mood.

A Lounging Area

The space may be limited, so get some minimalist furniture. Keep the roof so you have shade on a hot day and protection from wind and rain. Put a tall reading lamp. It’s perfect for entertaining a guest or just lounging in the late afternoon or early evening with a beverage and a few stories. The shed itself is a conversation starter.

These are only two of the best choices for repurposing an old shed. There are plenty more you’ll find online and in magazines.