Roof Damages Caused by Animals: Dealing with Roofing Problems

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roofing servicesIt is common knowledge that roofs sustain damage due to bad weather. But they can also get damaged by animals. This might sound unlikely to some, but animals like birds, rats, bats, squirrels and raccoons are known to cause considerable damage to houses.

Many roofing companies in Utah Valley have professionals who can help you get rid of this problem and also stop the damage from happening in the first place.

The facts you should know

  • Remember that squirrels and rats tend to chew on everything, including aluminum, shingles, vents, wood insulation, etc. They are adept at using drywall, insulation, and other materials in the attic and roof to make their homes.
  • Their homes can extend to a couple of feet on the roof, causing further damage. The electrical wires which are eaten up can cause fire hazards due to short circuiting.
  • These animals also attract other pests like ticks and fleas, which are harmful to people and pets.
  • Look for possible entry points and seal the building, barring their re-entry. Call an expert to remove the nests and the animal young.
  • Birds can make their nests in vents, gutters, chimneys, and other hidden places in your house. In the vents, the nests can block the passage of smoke and may also catch fire; the young that cannot leave the nest will suffocate. Their droppings are acidic and can damage the paint surfaces. Birds also should be removed along with their nests, eggs, and hatchlings.
  • Raccoons and bats found across North America can also destroy the wood sheets, shingles, and boards, and easily gain entry into your roof. They can make dens in attics and generally cause havoc on the roof and your entire home. These are nocturnal animals so expect to hear them looking for food at night. Their fur may carry a strong odor. These animals should also be removed along with their young and their dens.

As in all other problems concerning your home’s maintenance and safety, prevention is always better. So the moment you notice any areas of destruction or entry of such animals in your home or roof, get rid of them immediately. A professional company specializing in such tasks can help you attend to the repairs and also ensure that it will not happen again.

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