Safeguarding Your Home from the Harsh Weather

Warmer HomeIt is easy to feel scared for one’s house in times of extreme weather, but with these tricks, you can be sure that your humble abode would be able to withstand the test of time.

Guard It with Aluminium

One thing you can do is try to get some aluminium coping for your walls, roofs and parapets. It provides not only a sheen finish but also makes sure that nothing would pass the linings of your wall or roof, be it water or any kind of debris. These also have polyester coatings—safe for kids and adults alike, but definitely powerful.

Make the House Warmer

Let someone inspect the state of your furnace, especially if you have not used it in a while, just to check the status and see if it works properly. Apart from that, make sure to check the thermostat, as well, and see if you have any clean air filters installed.

Check Those Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes could also be quite a problem. What you can do is drain and disconnect your hoses in the garden and turn off the sprinkler system—it is also a good way to save water. Make sure that you close the garage doors, check cabinets under the sink, and have all exposed pipes insulated for better security and coverage. Thawing frozen pipes also becomes easier by keeping the faucet open.

Protect Your Home Exterior

Protect the exterior of your house. You can do so by cleaning downspouts and gutters before typhoons come. To make your house more appealing and protect the walls from the elements, paint it.

By protecting your house, you can be sure that your family would be safe. Keeping your home in excellent condition also increases its resale value.