Safety Must-Haves for Home Improvement Projects

construction safety equipment

Even a small-scale home construction or renovation can be risky if you don’t have the proper safety gear. Learn about the safety materials you need before embarking on a home improvement project.

Plan properly

If you think you can’t handle the project, there’s no harm in calling a professional to do it for you. Similarly, only consider DIY projects that require the use of tools you’re familiar and comfortable with. But if the budget is tight and you can’t afford to hire a contractor, make sure you have the proper gear, such as safety gloves, a powered air-purifying respirator or PAPR, eye shields, work boots, and more.

Hard hats

Some home improvement projects can be done without the need for a hard hat, but if you’re working on a construction project for split-level buildings, a hard hat is necessary to protect your head from falling debris or rubble. Moreover, if you’re working on anything on the roof or from any dangerous height, a hard hat can protect your head from a serious trauma in case of a fall. Make sure you choose one that is functional and durable. Stay away from the cheap, unreliable ones.

Dust Masks or Respirators

Dust masks are marginal PPE, meaning they are not required in all types of projects. But for most DIY home improvement projects, a dust mask is needed to avoid the inhalation of debris, dust, fumes, and mists.

Respirators are far different from dust masks. They are needed to prevent inhalation of hazardous materials or to help the wearer breathe in environments that lack oxygen. There are many types of respirators and you need to choose one that is best for your DIY project. For example, a PAPR respirator offers full protection when painting using spray paint, removing moldy wallpaper, or cleaning with volatile compounds.

Safety Glasses

Safety eyewear is required in almost all applications, such as construction, chemical, industrial, manufacturing, and many more. It is the only way to prevent work-related eye injuries that can cause severe effects on eyesight, even blindness. Use safety glasses in all of your DIY home improvement projects. You can get a non-prescription pair from your local hardware or building supply store. But if you need prescription safety glasses, go to your ophthalmologist for a special pair.

Work Gloves

safety gearA pair of high-quality work gloves is a smart investment, especially if you plan on doing multiple projects on your home. Needless to say, safety work gloves protect your hands and wrists from abrasion, impact, cuts, heat, and direct contact with hazardous materials. It’s an important part of your safety gear arsenal.

Safety Shoes

Have you ever experienced a hammer falling on your toes? If not, then that’s great. But you surely don’t want that happening to you. A pair of safety shoes is one of the requirements in construction, ensuring zero to minimal injuries to the feet in case of untoward incidents.

There are many other safety equipment and tools that are not mentioned here, but these are some of the most important. Construction projects are prone to accidents, so to protect yourself from potential danger and injury, invest in good-quality safety gear that is not only durable but functional as well.