Save Money and Resources With Sustainable Home Design

Home Design

Home DesignWhen talking about environmental impact, industries usually come to mind as the greatest source of pollutants. The way we design our homes, however, can also add to the world’s pollution problems.

According to the Department of the Environment and Heritage, about a fifth of the greenhouse gas emissions of Australia come from households. On the average, each household adds approximately 14 tonnes.

Harnessing the power of renewable sources of energy from the sun and wind, as well as utilising sound and sustainable home design, maximised for energy efficiency can considerably decrease this astounding figure.

The Carbon Positive and Carbon Zero Home

A carbon positive home is one that gives positive contributions to the environment due to its ability to generate more on-site renewable energy than it actually needs. The home can then give back any excess energy to the grid. The carbon zero home, on the other hand, is a house with zero yearly carbon emissions coming from direct fuel burning or use of electricity.

The Adaptable and Liveable Home

An adaptable and liveable home is capable of addressing the challenges of ever-changing residential requirements. When building or renovating your home to be more energy efficient, it should be able to accommodate ever-shifting needs in its lifespan. There are builders who aim for affordable homes in Perth and elsewhere that are more adaptable to change.

Cost of Sustainable Living

Upgrading your home to be more sustainable will considerably add to your initial expenses. These features, however, will more likely enhance the affordability of maintaining your home in the long run. Your savings on energy bills will compensate or even surpass what you spent for initially.

Should you be thinking about living in a more sustainable home, talk to experienced home builders who can advise you on the latest environmentally friendly and energy-efficient building methods.

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