Security Doors: What Options Do You Have for Your Business?

A door with an electronic lockDespite the popularity of online shopping, every retail business still needs a brick and mortar warehouse. For you to ensure the safety of your property, you should get modern security site improvements.

Burglars identify the easiest entry point to your business, which, in most cases, is the front door. As such, besides having a functional alarm system, you need sturdy security doors to maximise safety. Security doors in Melbourne have different prices, so it is advisable to identify various door types first before settling for any.

Metal/steel security doors

While they may seem a little old-fashioned, they are the most common choice for commercial applications. The presence of a steel door acts as a deterrent and discourages buglers at first instance.

Additionally, up-to-standard steel door material offers protection against fire for approximately four hours, allowing you time to clear up the fire. However, as effective as these doors are, they are only as strong as their locks. Therefore, ensure that you use high-quality unbreakable locks.

Roll-up shutters

If your business is the storefront type, then this security door is the most ideal for you. Roll-up doors are always secured from the inside of your store, and cannot be opened either by a motor or manually. That means, once it is locked, there is no possible way to get through it.

Electronic security doors

If your business deals with highly sensitive products such as money, jewellery or any other highly valuable item, this door category is yours. This works by eliminating the traditional key method and replacing it with a pin code, which is used with either a remote or a keyboard.

Getting the right security door to match your budget and the nature of your business is half the effort. The other half lies in getting the right contractor to fix the doors for you. Always ensure that your alarm system is in its optimal working condition for proper safeguarding of your business.